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About Me

Hi, everyone! My name is Regan Elizabeth Perez and I'm the owner of ElizabethRey (Yes, I know, it's confusing) but let me try and explain my not so simple thought process here.

When I started ElizabethRey I had just left my job in software sales in downtown Austin. I didn't exactly know what I was going to do next, or how for that matter. I just knew it was going to be a little unconventional.

I have a degree in International Relations and Global Studies, so naturally I went to travel for a while, mainly Australia and the U.K. After taking photos along the way I started to get inquiries of people wanting me to capture some special moments for them as well and thus, ElizabethRey was born.

I named my company ElizabethRey because although I knew little about what I was getting myself into, what I did know was that I wanted it to be bigger than just me. I wanted and envisioned more than "Regan Perez Photography" I wanted to build a brand people could relate to.

I'm not sure if I've reached this vision just yet, there's still so much to learn. But I'm so happy and honored to do it alongside people like you! Let's create some magic and art together.

                        Until then, Regan